《格林童话》The brother and sister 小弟弟和小姐姐 Part 2

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格林童话-The brother and sister 小弟弟和小姐姐


When the King saw him, he said to his hunters, "Now, follow him up all day long till the night comes, and see that you do him no hurt." So as soon as the sun had gone down, the King said to the huntsmen:" Now, come and show me the little house in the wood." And when he got to the door he knocked at it, and cried, "Little sister, let me in!" Then the door opened, and the King went in, and there stood a maiden more beautiful than any he had seen before. The maiden shrieked out when she saw, instead of the fawn, a man standing there with a gold crown on his head. But the King looked kindly on her, took her by the hand, and said, "Will you go with me to my castle, and be my dear wife?"

国王看到小鹿时,对报信的那个猎手说:"你过来。带我到那座小屋去。"到了小屋前,他敲门叫道:"我的小姐姐,让我进去吧!"门一打开,国王便走了进去,看到屋里有一位他所见过的最美丽的姑娘。 看到进来的不是小鹿,而是一个头上带着金王冠的男人,姑娘很害怕,可是国王和善地望着她,向她伸出手去说:"你愿意跟我回去,做我亲爱的妻子吗?"

"Oh yes," answered the maiden, "but the fawn must come too. I could not leave him." And the King said, "He shall remain with you as long as you live, and shall lack nothing." Then the fawn came bounding in, and the sister tied the cord of rushes to him, and led him by her own hand out of the little house.


The King put the beautiful maiden on his horse, and carried her to his castle, where the wedding was held with great pomp; so she became lady Queen, and they lived together happily for a long while; the fawn was well tended and cherished, and he gambolled about the castle garden.

国王把这可爱的姑娘放到马背上,把她带回了王宫,并且在那里举行了盛大的婚礼。 她现在成了王后,和国王一起幸福地生活了许多年。 小鹿受到了细心的照料,在王宫的花园里跑来跑去。

Now the wicked stepmother, whose fault it was that the children were driven out into the world, never dreamed but that the sister had been eaten up by wild beasts in the forest, and that the brother, in the likeness of a fawn, had been slain by the hunters. But when she heard that they were so happy, and that things had gone so well with them, jealousy and envy arose in her heart, and left her no peace, and her chief thought was how to bring misfortune upon them. Her own daughter, who was as ugly as sin, and had only one eye, complained to her, and said, "I never had the chance of being a Queen."

可是那个邪恶的继母,自从两个孩子因为她而离家出走之后,以为小姐姐肯定在森林中被野兽撕成了碎片,小弟弟也肯定被猎人们当做小鹿射死了,可现在听到他们生活得很幸福、很美满,嫉妒和怨恨像两把烈火在她的心中燃烧,使她片刻也不得安宁。 她成天盘算着怎么再次给姐弟俩带来不幸。 她自己的女儿丑得像黑夜一样,而且只有一只眼睛,这时也责怪她说:"她当王后!这种好事应该属于我!""别闹,"

"Never mind," said the old woman, to satisfy her;" when the time comes, I shall be at hand." After a while the Queen brought a beautiful baby-boy into the world, and that day the King was out hunting. The old witch took the shape of the bedchamber woman, and went into the room where the Queen lay, and said to her, "Come, the bath is ready; it will give you refreshment and new strength. Quick, or it will be cold." 


不久,王后生下了一个漂亮的男孩,而国王碰巧外出打猎去了。 老巫婆便打扮成一个使女,走进王后的卧室,对她说:"来吧,洗澡水已经烧好了。洗一洗对你有好处,能使你恢复精力。快点,不然水就要凉了。"

Her daughter was within call, so they carried the sick Queen into the bath-room, and left her there. And in the bath-room they had made a great fire, so as to suffocate the beautiful young Queen.

她的亲生女儿也在旁边,于是母女俩把虚弱的王后抬进洗澡间,把她放进澡盆,然后锁上门跑了。 她们在洗澡间里生了一堆熊熊燃烧的旺火,不一会儿就使年轻漂亮的王后窒息而死。

When that was managed, the old woman took her daughter, put a cap on her, and laid her in the bed in the Queen's place, gave her also the Queen's form and countenance, only she could not restore the lost eye. So, in order that the King might not remark it, she had to lie on the side where there was no eye. 

然后,老婆子拉着她的女儿,给她戴上一顶睡帽,让她躺到王后的床上。 她还让她的女儿有了王后一样的身材和长相,只是她无法给女儿一只眼睛。 为了不让国王看出破绽,她只好侧着身子,向着没有眼睛的那一边睡。

In the evening, when the King came home and heard that a little son was born to him, he rejoiced with all his heart, and was going at once to his dear wife's bedside to see how she did. Then the old woman cried hastily, "For your life, do not draw back the curtains, to let in the light upon her; she must be kept quiet." So the King went away, and never knew that a false Queen was lying in the bed.

傍晚,国王回到家中,得知王后给他生了个儿子,心中非常高兴,马上要去床边看看他亲爱的妻子。 可是老婆子立刻叫道:"千万不要拉开窗帘!王后还不能见光,需要好好休息!"国王走了出去,没有发觉床上躺着的是个假王后。

Now, when it was midnight, and every one was asleep, the nurse, who was sitting by the cradle in the nursery and watching there alone, saw the door open, and the true Queen come in. She took the child out of the cradle, laid it in her bosom, and fed it. Then she shook out its little pillow, put the child back again, and covered it with the coverlet. She did not forget the fawn either: she went to him where he lay in the corner, and stroked his back tenderly. Then she went in perfect silence out at the door, and the nurse next morning asked the watchmen if any one had entered the castle during the night, but they said they had seen no one.

可是到了半夜,当所有的人都睡着了时,坐在婴儿室摇篮旁独自守夜的保姆看到门开了,真的王后走了进来。 王后从摇篮里抱起婴儿,搂在怀里给他喂奶。 然后她抖一抖孩子的小枕头,把孩子重新放进摇篮,给他盖上小被子。 她也没有忘记小鹿,而是走到它躺的角落,抚摸着它的背,然后才悄悄地走出房门。 第二天早晨,保姆问卫兵晚上有没有人进过宫,可卫兵们都说:"没有,我们谁也没有看见。

And the Queen came many nights, and never said a word; the nurse saw her always, but she did not dare speak of it to any one.

After some time had gone by in this manner, the Queen seemed to find voice, and said one night,

"My child my fawn twice more I come to see,

Twice more I come, and then the end must be."

"就这样,一连很多天,王后总是在夜里来到这里,但她从来不说一句话。 保姆每次都看见她,可又不敢把这告诉任何人。



我还能再来两次。 以后就再也不能来了。 "

The nurse said nothing, but as soon as the Queen had disappeared she went to the King and told him all. The King said, "Ah, heaven! what do I hear! I will myself watch by the child to-morrow night." So at evening he went into the nursery, and at midnight the Queen appeared, and said,

"My child my fawn once more I come to see,

Once more I come, and then the end must be."

保姆没有答腔,可等王后一走,她立刻跑到国王那里,把一切都告诉了他。 国王说:"啊,上帝呀!这是怎么回事呀?明天晚上我要亲自守在婴儿身旁。"晚上,他进了婴儿室。 到了半夜,王后真的又来了,而且说道:


我还能再来一次。 以后就再也不能来了。 "

And she tended the child, as she was accustomed to do, before she vanished. The King dared not speak to her, but he watched again the following night, and heard her say,

"My child my fawn this once I come to see,

This once I come, and now the end must be."

她像往常一样给孩子喂了奶,然后就走了。 国王不敢和她说话,可第二天晚上仍然去守夜。 只听王后在说:


这是我最后一次来这里,以后再也不能来了。 "

Then the King could contain himself no longer, but rushed towards her, saying, "You are no other than my dear wife!"

Then she answered, "Yes, I am your dear wife," and in that moment, by the grace of heaven, her life returned to her, and she was once more well and strong.

国王听到这里,再也无法克制自己。 他朝她跑去,说:"你肯定是我亲爱的妻子!"她回答:"是的,我是你亲爱的妻子。"话刚出口,她就立刻恢复了生命,而且,靠着上帝的恩典,她变得非常健康,脸色非常红润。

Then she told the King the snare that the wicked witch and her daughter had laid for her.

The King had them both brought to judgment, and sentence was passed upon them. The daughter was sent away into the wood, where she was devoured by the wild beasts, and the witch was burned, and ended miserably. And as soon as her body was in ashes the spell was removed from the fawn, and he took human shape again; and then the sister and brother lived happily together until the end.

她把那邪恶的巫婆和巫婆的女儿对她犯下的罪行告诉了国王。 国王立刻命令审判她俩,对她们作出了判决。 女儿被带到了森林里,被野兽撕成了碎片;老巫婆被投进火里可悲地烧成了灰烬。 就在老巫婆被烧成灰烬的一刹那,小鹿也变了,重新恢复了人的形状。 从此,姐姐和弟弟一直幸福地生活在一起,直至白发千古。



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